Thatched Re-Ridge


At the top of your thatched roof, you will find the ridge. This is the part of your roof that must be thatched very carefully as it’s the highest point of the property, it bears the brunt of all weathers which is one of the reasons why it needs replacing every couple of years.

Here at Heart of England Master Thatchers, we offer a broad range of different thatched roof services to keep your roof in tip-top condition, including ridges. Over time, every roof will need maintenance whether you have a thatched roof or a tiled roof. Our highly-qualified team of thatching specialists can provide re-ridges on thatched roofs all year round, in fact, the most common work carried out to properties are replacement ridges. For every full re-thatch you have, you will need 2-3 ridges. A thatched ridge creates aesthetic appeal our property, but it also increases the water resistance of your roof!


Thatched Roof Ridges

When we carry out thatched re-ridges, we also tidy up the existing thatch around the top of the roof as well as provide roof repairs on any roof damage whilst we are re-ridging, so the job is done in one day. We create a variety of different thatched ridge designs, and we don’t have one typical pattern we can either replicate the existing design or work with the customer to change to a new pattern. If you have a listed building, you will not need listed building consent as it is classed a just a repair.


How do you know when you need a re-ridge?

The signs of needing a re-ridge would be when the pattern of the ridge starts to fall out of shape or loosen, the wiring on top might become loose over time as well.


The Process of a Thatched Re-Ridge

The process of having a thatched re-ridge involves taking the existing wire off, after that the old straw will be taken off and the new ridge can be created, adding o a new wire to protect it. The overall roof can be dressed up and brushed down which gives it a fresher look. Dressing up a thatched roof consists of knocking thatch off the roof evenly and securely backing up any fixings. Brushing down consists of brushing the surface thatch and removing the loose material and moss.


Different Types of Ridge

Heather Ridge – A Heather Ridge is normally made from mown heather but can sometimes be made out of tangled straw or couch grass.

The Sod Ridge – There are two different types of sod ridge. The main sod ridge is thatched as normal and the flat grass sod ridge which consists of living grass sods.

Block Ridge – A block ridge is where a block, around 4 inches, of thatch is applied and patterned to your liking.

Flush Ridge – The flush ridge is also known as the wrap over ridge. These ridges remain flush with the thatch and are most commonly paired with long straw roofs.

If you have any questions regarding our re-ridging process or would like to enquire about any of our services, get in touch!