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Roof Thatching Leicester

Based In Leicestershire, Heart Of England Master Thatchers Ltd can undertake roof thatching work in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. We have carried out work on properties further afield such as Oxfordshire so contact us to find out if we can help.

Formed in 2009, Heart of England Ltd was quickly established as the premium thatching company in the East Midlands. We offer high-quality roof thatching that has been installed to a high standard using only the finest materials. With roof thatching it is important that the materials used on roofs are of high quality, we guarantee work carried out by our roof thatchers is high standards using only the finest materials.


Roof Thatchers Leicestershire 

Our team of trained roof thatchers undertake a broad range of restoration jobs throughout the UK. We offer services from re-thatching, roof repairs, adding ridges to roofs, moss removal and commercial thatching. With over ten years’ experience in thatching, we have become renowned for our thatching skills, friendly customer service and superior workmanship.

A thatch roof is visually appealing to the eye, which adds warmth to any house or business. Thatched roofs are excellent for insulation, yet keeping your home or business cool in summer, if you are looking to bring life back to your roof then our roof thatchers here at Heart of England Master Thatchers can help.


Roof thatching costs

Having a thatched roof can be expensive at times depending on the size of your property. However, we firmly believe that roof thatching costs can be paid for in the long run when you use a reputable thatching company like us with qualified craftsmen.


Roof thatching repairs

It is vital to ensure the maintenance of your thatched roof is up to date for health and safety reasons. Thatched properties will need a thorough re-thatch in its lifetime and here at Heart of England our roof thatchers can help with this and other roof thatching repairs.

We like to make sure that properties with thatched roof are safe in all weathers. In winter a thatched roof needs to be fully insulated to ensure there is no loss of heat. Chimney care is also vital during the colder months as they are the most common fire risk in thatched properties.





Fully trained in Water Reed, Combed Wheat and Long Straw along with the ability to ridge with Straw or Sedge means we are experts in all aspects of thatching.

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We undertake a wide range of restoration projects in a variety of materials.

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Ridges add further character to your property. Our expert team are confident we fulfill all your Ridge requirements.

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De-mossing can increase the life of your existing thatch and also increases the visible pleasure of a thatched roof.

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